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79 definitions by person yo-yo

the deal
what's the delio, yo?
by person yo-yo February 26, 2003
An Avacalmon is part avacado, part salmon.
Mortal enemy of the Kiwatfish.
Very tasy with wasabi, or in sushi.

See also: Kiwatfish, Troutkin, Asperring.
We were in a japanese restaurant last night, and ordered Avacalmon sushi.
It was the best!
by person yo-yo April 30, 2004
To get more prostitute for your money.
There's a big sign at the bread garden that says 'more ho for your dough'.
by person yo-yo December 19, 2003
The number after one.
by person yo-yo August 02, 2003
Horrible, very bad.
It's tragic that the president of the U.S. is an ape.
by person yo-yo July 15, 2003
He does walk at midnight!
But he runs at noon.
...Midnight...and the hobos are walking!
by person yo-yo June 11, 2003
The Kiwatfish is part kiwi, part catfish.
It is endangered, as it has been hunted for many years by its mortal enemy, the Avacalmon.
It has an acquired taste.

See also: Avacalmon, Troutkin, Asperring.
We went fishing for Kiwatfish, but we couldn't catch a damn thing!
by person yo-yo April 30, 2004