79 definitions by person yo-yo

The best character on the tv show "home
by person yo-yo August 02, 2003
Short for "You are".
U r weird.
by person yo-yo August 01, 2003
A fat, depressed guy.
Constantly is pummeld by his two brothers: strong mad and strong bad.
"I like board games more than most people. And by that I guess I mean: I
like most board games more than I like
most people".
by person yo-yo September 12, 2003
They should bring back pogs.
Pogs are da bomb!!
by person yo-yo July 31, 2003
Best movie ever.
Yo mama: "wanna watch Zoolander?".
Yo daddy: "sure!".
by person yo-yo June 08, 2003
A very funny movie.
Let's go to taco bell.
by person yo-yo August 02, 2003
a very, very, VERY good video game.
by person yo-yo June 27, 2003

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