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Pertaining to having enough balls to ask some to be your friend on myspace. Usually someone really popular.

Hey-u see that dork have all those hot girls as his myspace friends?
Yah- must have some myspace balls.
by percy October 16, 2005
Use of complex words by people in daily conversation who have little knowledge of their proper meaning or usage in the English language.
Carly excessive use of ambiguous verbosity got her fired.
by Percy April 20, 2003
Another name for a homosexual boy from Bosnian, often known as a Kegwa.
Jim stop going near landmines you Kegsy
by Percy November 26, 2003
any resume, written manuscript, or similar demonstration of work deemed unacceptable by corporate standards
We do not accept any solicited materials from third party sources.
by Percy April 20, 2003
a jewish family.
" Lara, is Laine a Helbling
by Percy October 09, 2003
To let your homeboy know you are down with a handshake ...(gang related)
Yo nigga shake up before you rotate those tires
by Percy October 22, 2003
Medicore writer who probably stole the idea for Harry Potter from a writer who is actually tallented.

Any time you see her on TV, she will tell the interviewer how much she hates the movies, despite being made underservedly rich from them.
Interviwer: "So tell us what you think on the new movie Ms. Rowling"

J.K. Rowling: "Meh, they got it so wrong when Harry ruined Fred's beard-juice"

*Takes another £1M cheque*
by Percy October 14, 2005
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