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3 definitions by pepperkins ruth

three people who are pretty much one person. we're all lame but we love each other, though the "gr" and the "ah" are total whores. grikah=gracie, niki, sarah. so we win. just wanted you to known...
hey would you look at how hot the grikah chicks are?

i wouldnt have grikah with mayonaise
by pepperkins ruth November 28, 2003
10 2
one of THE coolest people in the entire world. ever. like throughout the whole matrix. which is real, JOHN!!!!! so moving on... means pepper...and baby ruth. which is--me. im super
i think pepperkins ruth is SUPER
by pepperkins ruth November 26, 2003
2 6
best friend pepperkins ruth could ever ask for. known to be quite evil. sometimes seen wearing a smile othertimes wearing devil horns. will kill you for a twinkie if its neccesary. knows how to stop a young man from doing drugs.
i love my cherralily skittles!!!
by pepperkins ruth November 26, 2003
1 26