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The Well of Souls is a natural cave located immediately beneath the Foundation Stone, under the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Jewish tradition refers to this well as the center of the earth, the navel of creation (earth and humanity). Jewish Talmud prophecies an explosion of child births before the Messiah; and then a sudden stop of child birth worldwide (treasure house will be finished, emptied of souls).

Also known as: (synonyms)
1. Fountain of souls
2. Treasure of souls
3. Gulf of souls
4. The Guff (literally defined as "body")
5. Hall of souls
6. Repository of all unborn souls
7. Treasure house

Reference: Wikipedia Well of Souls
Messiah will not come (or return) until the Well of Souls has been emptied of its souls (when his table becomes full).
by peplac February 06, 2012
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