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A Pephalist is an older man or woman who enjoys the bounty of a youngin. They enjoy the thrill of the chase and the taste of their blood, wherever it may emit.

Be wary of the pephalist, as he/she also has the power to devour your soul. It's pretty ridiculous. Not gonna lie.
The most notable example of a Pephalist in modern society is the Zizek vs Navrotski case of 2008. In a heated battle, the two combined forces to rid the Greater Toronto area of all its young purity. Zizek heading the 18-23 age group, with Navrotski in the back heading the infant-13 catagory. In the end, Zizek won by a landslide. The GTA's barely legal youth have never been the same.
by pepha-ware October 08, 2008

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