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Do I really need to define this? Those who scream while squirting. Whilst engaging a lady sexually, upon climax the female expels a burst of fluids accompanied by a series of ear piercing screams.
"My initial presumption was incorrect as the timid young lady I met at the library turned out to be a squirtin' screamer. We totally plowed!"
by pepe silvia January 09, 2010
"like a motherfucker" yeah, i know its on here already.

1. Technically the same as the other definitions, but used to describe an extreme situation or to add emphasis to a statement. Usually added to a rather benign declarative sentence to enhance the humorousness.

2. Used as a stand alone reply of agreement in acronym form, to a statement made by another party, via text message.
Example #1 - For Emphasis:

S. Flawless: Whoa, did you see that bitch's grill?

T. Niggerguson: Yeah, she had braces like a motherfucker!

Example #2 - As an acronym via text:

T. Cooper: I'm getting ripped up tonight. Hopefully I'll vomit in my own pass out!

JC: lamf.
by pepe silvia March 19, 2010

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