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.:blacky:. Pronunciation {blak-ee}

A user on imgoth with the display name of .:blacky:. (name is Blake) who is characterized by retardation, lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull; foolish; senseless:



backward, disabled, handicapped, foolish
Example: From imgoth chat; .:blacky:. talks about a user he says "hacked" imgoth chat and look at what he asks after. (The id number of imgoth users are displayed in chat and used by some as a status symbol to show how long they have been a member.)

.:blacky:._46308 Fact of the matter is, he HAS hacked thick website more than onece

.:blacky:._46308 And why doen't Omega up there have a number?

.Ω. now thats funny.
by people of the planet earth December 16, 2009

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