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An umbrella can be used in many ways.
1.Rihanna's sexy hi-hat-rhythmic song; "You can stand under my umbrella,ella,ella,eh,eh,eh!"
2. A useful tool thatthe bald} Britney Spears uses. She can be found smashing the windows of a car.
3. An even more useful tool used to block the white rains of a man's penis; a
Alicia-I love Rihanna's song Umbrella, I've screwed my boyfriend to it TWICE.
Britney's gone mad...smashing cars with umbrellas,ellas,ellas,eh,eh,eh!
Wizisika-You'd better have bought some extra-protection umbrellas,you rude boy, cuz I'll give it to you hard tonight!
by penusboobsjizzvagina January 20, 2011

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