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4 definitions by pentacookie

idiom; used to express feelings of extreme frustration, exasperation, annoyance, surprise, resignation, or disappointment
"Yyyyeah, V, I'm gonna need you to work another eight hours while your 'sick' coworker goes out partying and whoring herself."

"Oh, fuck me twice!"


"Fuck me twice, I can't believe that 'Signs' sucked so bad."
by pentacookie December 04, 2007
16 3
noun; one who drives round and round a parking lot, stalking pedestrians in the hopes of snagging their space. Can also be used as a verb: park sharking.
"There's one! There's one! Come on, we gotta park shark that girl; she's three feet from the door."
by Pentacookie October 30, 2007
6 3
adj; "most disturbing" or "beyond creepy"
"Not only did 'The Hills Have Eyes' suck, it was gross beyond reason; it was the most wrongity-wrong movie I've ever seen."
by pentacookie December 04, 2007
4 2
noun; when someone shits in your eye; the state of being totally and inexorably screwed over by someone, most especially your local Rotary Club or Rotaract (a charity organization that actually doesn't do that much for charity)
"The damn Rotaract Club was supposed to help us with the coat drive and the didn't do a damn thing! They build you up, and they tell you they're going to do something, and then they shit in your eye!"

"Sounds like you got a Rotaract eyepatch."
by pentacookie December 04, 2007
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