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1.) A complete and total asshole who has threesomes with women and then marries them.

2.) A gorrilla-like creature that thinks it is human. Usually from Colombia these moronic beings think themselves better than others. In reality these thugs are thought of as the scum that sticks to your shoe and doesn't come off easily.

3.) A form of retardation that inhibits kindness for other people.

4.) A kiss-ass
"Oh my god, did you hear! Those three got totally drunk and high and pulled and Alberto in Vegas."

"Eww I got some Alberto on my foot and it won't come off."

"Did you hear what that guy said yesterday? Its so mean only an Alberto would speak such words."

"The poor girl her newborn boy has Alberto syndrome because she did drugs while she was pregnant."
by penstroke May 04, 2010

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