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Young, talented actor who recently took on the part of Prince Arthur in BBC production Merlin.

Possibly (definitely) THE best looking Arthur ever to grace existence. A blonde haired, blue eyed lovely. Capable of hilarious one liners and highly amusing mocking sarcasm - see DVD extras of Merlin.

Will show off incredibly hot torso if necessary, as shown by his scene stealing role in the one off episode of Lewis, which can be found on all good youtubes.

deprived person: 'who IS that??'

smart person: 'Bradley James'

deprived person:'...erm, wow'
#bradley james #brad james #arthur #prince arthur #merlin
by penny21 April 03, 2009
A term used for when someone does something stupid or generally acts in a retarded manner.

Originates from the film Team America where a puppet of the actor Matt Damon is portrayed as stupid and slow, saying the words 'Maatt Daamon' in a voice that collaborates with this.


- guy falls down the last two stairs when meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time -

'Scott get up, you're such a matt damon'
#matt damon #team america #puppets #retarded #dumbass
by penny21 April 09, 2009
A more innocent way of saying oops.

Most often used by someone when they've done something seriously wrong and are now having to face the consequences. Best when teamed with large blank eyes.


angry neighbour: 'you just set that tree on fire causing serious damage to my property!!!'

pyromaniac: '...oopsy poodle...'
#oops #angry neighbour #punk ass #fire #pyromania
by penny21 April 09, 2009
The name for an origami bird with a paper 'tail' that protrudes in the wrong direction making it more akin to a huge penis.

Perhaps an attempt at a joke by the sex deprived creators of the origami instructions.
#penis #bird #origami #penis bird #shite joke #innuendo
by penny21 April 09, 2009
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