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A place in Downriver Michigan that is nearly an average suburb town. The high school is the usual; normal kids, douches, potheads. But at woodhaven, there's something more. The kids have a little fight in them, and there a few hidden talents in the crowd. The rest live in their own world, but really, most people do. The football and basketball teams fit most stereotypes. The runners are a little weird but dedicated. The swimmers are a cool group. There's a little of everything else too, tennis, bowling, trivia, blah blah blah, etc. Most teachers are cool unless you're a dumbass. Not many people from woodhaven will end up famous, but most won't end up eating jobless either.
Woodhaven. That place you'll never care about enough to search on urban dictionary, unless you're from there.
by pennn123 January 27, 2014

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