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The act of being a jerk of such high regulation to the point which you are almost dehumanized to the level of someone of African-American heritage.
1-Yo do you still talk to Karina Quinones?
2-Naww man she's a jiggajerk now.
1-Yeah man, you're right.
by penisgoblin April 01, 2011
(verb) - The act of being incredibly awesome yet awkward in various moments such as having strange boners in crowded, yet quiet places; having little to no muscles in most parts of the body due to an incredible lack of interest in any sort of physical activity.
(noun) - A type of candle.
That Bruno Velocino is so hot that it just set my house on fire and killed 2 more of my children.
by penisgoblin May 22, 2011

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