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It is believed that these type girls (majority around the ages 18-24) are supposedly the most mature, most attractive looking, & most open-minded girls you'll meet once you finish high school. However, they are not like this at all.

In reality, lots of college girls are about as immature as high school girls. They are the one's who are responsible for causing more drama than any group of people. Some college girls are actually whores & all of them date assholes. The ugly ones are Feminists while the pretty ones are morons. They aren't exactly very open-minded either. People, such as nerds, gamers, goths, etc., are still considered "losers" by their standards. All college girls are whores & will fuck anyone they so please---this is why college girls make terrible relationship partners. The ones who got fucked in high school & are now single moms (baby mamas) should also be avoided because they are whores.

College girls might be great eye candy, but they are not relationship material.
All college girls are the same! They are always dating assholes while complaining about it. College girls have no souls.
by Penis-mon July 02, 2011
slutty straight women who pretend to be lesbians to make boys horny & erections but are really attention whores & very confused.

Phony lesbians are girls who have had too much alcohol who often experiment sexually with a roommate or a friend. As a result of their party lifestyle, they often become sexually confused & can't decide whether they are gay, straight, or bi. Phony lesbians can damage a relationship emotionally. They are mostly sluts who sleep around with other men & girls. Many of them are seen as the popular girls & are often quite dumb, so they become attention whores (pretending to be gay) to be popular. Though its every man's fantasy to see 2 girls make out, it should remain a fantasy!

Also known as: fake lesbians, pseudo-lesbians, attention whores; sluts; bi-curious
Phony lesbians aren't lesbians! They aren't even bisexual! They're attention whores!
by penis-mon January 02, 2010
A person who hates nerds; a person who is mean or takes advantage of nerds for their own selfish interest & popularity; a person who bullies nerds; a bully; a asshole

Common types of nerd haters are jocks, popular girls, cheerleaders, and people who are popular

NOTE: Nerds are NOT geeks. Geeks are anti-social & never want to talk to other people. Nerds have geekish triats (like being into anime, math, computers, etc.), but are very social & opened with others. In some cases, nerds are even nicer than geeks for this reason.
Your such a nerd hater! Leave him alone
by penis-mon October 10, 2009
Or Lesbian-Nazi

A lesbian who hates men; A lesbian supremacist, most often a Feminist; A lesbianazi is a woman who believes all men are pigs, rapists, cheaters, etc. & uses this as a reason to resort to female homosexual behavior, either due to bad experiences with men or because they can't get a man. These lesbians are nothing more than man-haters & have a absolute disgusting prejudice against men, & will try to pressure other women into thinking all men are bad. All lesbianazis are sexist towards men.
All lesbianazis are bitches. They are all misandrists.
by penis-mon November 11, 2011
a future stripper
That cheerleader wants to be a model, but she's working in Vegas as stripper
by penis-mon December 25, 2009
(noun) a wanabee dj; preferably a dj that mixes music with 2 computers or 2 boom boxes instead of an actual mixer &/or turntables.

Many professional DJs & MCs started off as pre-DJs before they got their equipment.
Guy #1: I like the music of this dj!

Guy #2: Well, technically speaking, he isn't a real DJ, but a pre-DJ. All he's doing is just lowering the volume of one song on one boom box & raising the volume of the other boom box. DJs tend to have alot of equipment, but he's just using 2 boomboxes.
by penis-mon September 22, 2010
(verb) DJing or mixing music with 2 computers or 2 boomboxes instead of using actual turntables
He was pre-djing at the party.
by penis-mon September 22, 2010

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