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A person who skates because that's what they love to do. A skater is:
1) A friendly person
2) Relatively well educated
3) Someone who skates because they enjoy it
4) Someone who finds it hard to get a girlfriend :-)
5)Someone who is individual and does their own thing

A skater is not:
1) A druggie
2) Someone who holds a board to look 'cool'
3) Someone who has a certain style of clothing/music/interests because they feel they must
5) Threatening
6) Violent
7) Abusive
8) Follows a stereotype
Person: Damn skaters, haven't they anything better to do than tearing up our roads and pavements?
Skater: It's better than hanging around street corners, graffiting walls, taking drugs and yelling abuse at people
Chav: Oi! Whatchoo implyin'
Skater: That you are the scum of the earth that I described
by pengy December 08, 2004
A generic name for democratic countries whose citizens and politicians are too sissy and faithless to defend their own ideals.
Spaniards are such weasels! The terror attack in Madrid scared them so much, they voted for the socialists.
by Pengy April 23, 2004
hrm. The word SkillS has a hidden meaning can you find it? SkillS.
SkillS your mother and father. SkillS them now.
I will SkillS your aunt if I don't get a cookie.
It better have sprinkles.
by Pengy July 26, 2003
New immigrants, or those that still mispronounce english, and misform english sentences. During the 1990's and Early 2000's most F.O.B.'s were from Asia, India, or East European.
Fife Dorra Sukee, Missta. Damn that F'in F.O.B. gives the bomb ass head, B!
by Pengy September 02, 2003
When fecal material protrudes from your rectum and your clothing picks up debris. The term skidmark comes from the resemblance to tire marks on the ground.
Damn B! It smells like shit in here, dawg! I think sumbody just shit theyself or at least lef skidmarks all over they drawls.
by Pengy July 25, 2003

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