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Old, black, reliable, and still works quite well after all these years.

Kinda like Shaq.

Pretty good alternative to any of the current-generation systems because there is a good chance that there is that one great game you haven't played yet for the PS2.
I'm not buying a PS3 until I'm done with the GTA games for my PS2.
by pelicaine September 07, 2009
A black "The Family Guy".

A cartoon sitcom that will ironically and inevitably have the same fate as the '08-'09 Cleveland Cavaliers:

Imminent failure.
"The Cleveland Show" is gonna suck so bad that FOX is gonna be forced to make "The Quagmire Show".
by pelicaine September 09, 2009
The host of "To Catch A Predator".

He's like the boogieman to pedophiles.

Their boner-kill.
Wouldn't be awesome if Chris Hansen busted a guy that played for the Nashville Predators?! EPIC!
by pelicaine September 07, 2009
Exclamation used by Diplomats affiliate Juelz Santana
Juelz: Hey Jim! Help me think......I need a catchphrase......
Jim: Iono, man! A! Pass that blunt!
Juelz: I GOT IT!!
by pelicaine May 05, 2007
Or "Jeopardy!"

Considered the chess of all game shows. It makes other game shows look like after school tutoring.

Hosted by Alex Trebek. Satirized on Saturday Night Live and by Weird Al Yankovic with the song "I Lost On Jeopardy".
"Jeopardy!" makes you answer with a question?! WTF is that?!
by pelicaine September 07, 2009
Dallas-based reality TV show once hosted by Tommy Grand, now hosted by Joey Greco, the one known for getting shanked on a boat.

Possibly the best thing to come out of Dallas besides the Cowboys, Mavs, And "Walker, Texas Ranger".

Looking for Cheaters locations and Cheaters guests is a ton of fun!
Wow, man! You remember that one episode of "Cheaters" where that busted they guy in that tattoo parlor banging these two broads? EPIC!
by pelicaine September 07, 2009
As SNL put it, he was the one guy who didn't get the memo that the republicans changed their mind about yelling "LIE!" all at once during Obama's speech due to an ill-timed trip to the restroom.

This can now be a verb.

To be Joe Wilson-ed.
"Man, no one told you that we weren't gonna egg Teach after all?"

"Yes, I believe I got Joe Wilson-ed!"
by pelicaine September 18, 2009
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