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Scene. A word used to describe any group of people desperate to be individual who form a club. The paradox folds in on itself when the scene becomes too large and people form anti-scene scenes of their own. Commonly know as being "out of fashion".

In the online comunity, people in different "scenes" use various web sites and tools to define themselves.

One of the most popular scenes is where young people communicate through social networking sites in a language evolved from TXT. Here, the line between english and TXT becomes blurred to the point where only the people in the scene understand or care. These people can be spotted by a combination of being; skinny; posing; hair gel (especially boys); gangsta hand motions; rippped tee shirts; whatever else is in fashion this week.

Another popular "scene" is where movie and software pirates fall over each other to be the first to release a piece of digital entertainment before its general release. Copying other people's work from within the "scene" is not "scene".
dude1: I always look for fX releases when I dl movies.

dude2: Dude that's lame, fX isn't scene, he just copies aXXo's work.
by peel321 September 27, 2009

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