2 definitions by pedro liberty

Squawnabee...woman who wears an over abundance of turquoise jewelry and infers or straight up claims to be descended from any of the many american indian tribes. Usually but not limited to women over 50. These women tend to smell like coffee and cigarettes.
Did you see that squawnabee over there?
Yeah, those turquoise earrings are gonna tear her earlobes off.
by pedro liberty July 12, 2011
Women who wear turqouise jewelry do so believing that it makes them look like a young indian squaw. In reality turqouise screams less "indian squaw" and more "I'm over 50 and I smell like coffee and cigarettes".
Did you see so and so wearing her turqouise jewelry? Yeah, that old lady smells like coffee and cigarettes.
by pedro liberty July 12, 2011

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