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An emotionally damaged chick that engages in a plurality of one-off sexual excursions with known and/or unknown men in order to:
A)Find herself.
B)Erase a previous lover.
C)Write her own episodes of "Sex In The City."

Because there is no relational context and ultimately is risky behavior, the bone collector's kind offer should be met with appropriate measure of suspicion in order to counter the seemingly ideal "no strings attached" sexual encounter that non-discerning men find difficult to deny.

(There's nothing worse than getting phucked while you're getting phucked.)
"Yeah ever since______, "Y" has been on a sexual rampage.
The other night, she tried to take me home, but I told that bone-collector, "E.T. no bone gnomes."
by pedro con carne March 24, 2008
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