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Epic poem written by John Milton, arguably one of the most important yet ignored contributions to literature and theology. Paradise Lost is generally opposed by fundametalist bible-beaters who oversubscribe to a literal, conservative view of God.

Milton portrays Satan as sin with a smile...
"Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heav'n"
by Pedro the spicy August 29, 2005
Latin expression prominently associated with the late Pope John Paul II, first coined in his 1994 book "Crossing the Threshold of Hope." Means, "all for you", expressing the ideal of a worldly commitment to a single good. Pope John Paul II would write this expression in the top right-hand corner of every hand-written document.
"My devotion - totus tuus"
by Pedro the spicy September 05, 2005
The transacting of goods or services, or, according to the third definition provided by dictionary.com, sexual intercourse
"Most late night meetings with vulnerable and supple female interns are in the interest of commerce"
by Pedro the spicy August 29, 2005
Encouraging or motivating phrase offered to a disgruntled or pessimistic person. Taken from the sacred sign located above the tunnel leading out of the home locker room of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish football team.
"Dude, I'm not sure about this exam."

"Hey... no excuses... play like a champion."
by Pedro the spicy September 05, 2005
Term sometimes used to discount the importance of human attachment to the worldly (i.e. physical, mental, social.) Where something is lacking spiritual substance or some element of "goodness", it is said to lack revelation. Relates to the final book of the Holy Bible, where all will be "revealed in time."
"My boss makes me work 60 hours a week. He's a slave driver - all he gives a shit is about making money, and leasing a new Beamer every 6 months."

"Where's the revelation?"
by Pedro the spicy September 05, 2005
Part of Marian devotion, said at the end of Catholic prayers. Usually followed by "pray for us." Can be very stirring...
"Our Lady of Victory..."

by Pedro the spicy September 05, 2005
Plain and simple... the vagina, hairpie, the golden triangle, the sweetspot, the pussy, the cunt, the beaver, the cunny, the cherry, tnuc, Ms Cooper's jackpot, the cove, the cave, the tunnel, Pinky & the Brain (one is an idiot, the other insane), moose lips, etc., etc., etc.
"Damn, your mom has a nice kuda"

"I'd talk about your mom, but you have two dads"
by Pedro the spicy September 03, 2005
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