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An abbreviation for Jewish music.
" Wow, I just can't stop dancing to the beat of this jewsic/joosic."
by Peckerama April 11, 2008
A geeky nerd that is hyper intelligent yet also completelyspastic. It is well know for throwing unexpected and outrageous spasms during it's most intelligent moments typing away on its Windows 95 PC.
"Look at that spazmotron smash up his keyboard playing minesweeper."
by Peckerama March 22, 2008
Another name for your crotch/genitalia
"Curse that goddam midget headbutting me in my scrotal zone!"
by Peckerama April 07, 2008
Urban Dictionary for Iraqis.
"I cannot understand all of these cool websites written in English. Oh well, best check up on my Turban Dictionary account."
by Peckerama March 31, 2008
A hetrosexual woman or a bisexual man who loves the sensation of a leathery scrotum inside them.
"Hey, check out that leather lover groping that hobo's ball sack, lol!"
by Peckerama April 13, 2008
The art of acting spazzy or spasticated.
"LOL, that special kid is totally full of spazism."
by Peckerama March 22, 2008
A perverted old man who enjoys raping innocent 5 year old boys.
"OMG, there's an uncle nutsack right over there and he's shagging a young boy!"
by Peckerama March 22, 2008

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