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A very easy class that assholes take to pretend they're smart because they take the one honors class that doesn't require any effort to pass if you can memorize your old teacher's anecdotes about how a hypnotized bus driver remembered a license plate number. The teacher will usually not even touch the chapters on neurology, cognition, memory and intelligence because she's lazy, and thus all the students who made 97s in the class by memorzing definitions make 2s on the AP exam because the teacher didn't tell them who BF Skinner is.
Take AP Psychology if you enjoy watching episodes of Frasier and movies where some character has some mental disorder everyday and passing it off as an AP class
by peanutbutterninja May 17, 2008
Pronounced "puh-jine-uh." Spanish for "I pronounce words in my high school Spanish II class like a retarded white kid."
Spanish teacher: Por favor, lee a mi que está en la pizzara.
Jerk off: Aibrain laws leyebros ay lay puhjineuh sineto why doss.

Example must include term página.

lyk omg it rhymes with vagina
by peanutbutterninja October 04, 2008
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