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Something amazingly idiotic, so stupid that only President Bush would do it.
Should not be used near pro-Bush people.
Torturing prisoners into confessing to being terrorists is bush-stupid.
#bush #stupid #terrorists #president #insult
by peachykeen99 September 11, 2006
1. The direction to your east if you are facing north. One of two directions often confused for each other (the other is left).
2. The opposite of left.
3. A form of agreement, often used sarcastically, and sometimes used after 'yeah'.
4. A synonym of correct.
1. Turn right.
2. No, your other right.
3. p1 "I'm fifteen meters tall"
p2 "Right" or "Yeah right"
4. p1 "Is this correct?"
p2 "Yeah, that's right."
#yeah right #left #east #correct #synonym
by peachykeen99 September 21, 2006
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