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1. An illegal mexican immigrant that resembles Dora the Explorer (a popular star on T.V. who speaks her native tongue to all those stupid viewers)

2. A hispanic whore. An adult Dora the Explorer.
mexican whore...THAT RESEMBLES DORA!
by peachykeane December 07, 2009
stupid, idiotic, someone who dyes their hair blonde because they're insecure about their nature color, though they look better brunette.

someone who rubs makeup on their face to a consistancy so that it looks like peanut butter.
What's on her face?
Ughh..she's SUCH a carter-speck!
WHERE'S THE JELLY, carter-speck?
by peachykeane December 07, 2009
When a guy and a girl are having sex, and the guy likes to look at her pictures online, to keep him "in the mood" and remind him that she's WAY hotter online than in real life.
So how was Laura Diggelhoop last night?
Dude, I had to have fex with her!
by peachykeane December 07, 2009
when a guy gets an orgasm looking at pictures of zac efron.
Gosh, what's he up to?
what a weird roommate.
Yeah, he's gay.
by peachykeane December 07, 2009
1. Someone with a large neck covered in hickies!

2. A western slut.
"That girl is such a Hickey Neck!"

"Yes.she is.Her neck looks like a hickey!"
by peachykeane December 07, 2009
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