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When somebody who owns a mac realizes they spent $3000 on a shitty computer that will break in 4 hours decides that just like their mac, it's time to take their own life.
Paul: what happened to brandon?

Mike: you didn't hear?

Paul: no what?

Mike: his mac died so he committed macicide

Paul: OMG that's terrible!

Mike: yea but look at the beautiful vase I made outta his mac's screen

Paul: fuck you steve jobs
by peaches87 October 23, 2010
verb; the act of snorting, sniffing, or sucking nerds out of another person's anus, ass crack, or general rectal area
i heard that jamal is a real freak he went to that girl's house the other day to go nerd turding
by peaches87 April 13, 2010
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