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This is a small town that you have probably never heard about, right smack in the middle of everything.

12.1 square miles of BORING.
It's overpopulated, of course, with over 1,400 people per square mile.
we've got a fair share of everything here in "k-ville", including those beaner girls that have 10 kids and obviously have never heard of birth control. oh wait, they just can't afford it. and the hoodrats who clear the shelves of the only walmart in town of kool-aid. and the asians, of course. you can find them in the nice suburbs, the ones with the small pastel houses and lots of gardens. but mainly, those white people make up 84% of the population.

There's nothing to do here in this stupid town. you can go to the skating ring on friday nights, where you will find the local scene kids and lesbians, the gangsters that always find a way to get thrown out, and the occaisonal group of overweight middle school nerds. or you can go to the cheepass $3 dollar theatre that never seems to get movies out on time, or at all.

the scene kid population here is over flowing. you can find them at the walmart in the middle of the night clearing the shelves of eyeliner and black hairdye, they all look the same.

most people are poor here, but get enough to survive.

about 22% of people here are under the poverty line, those people being old farts and teens.
people think it's cool to have there name on the quality mart sign on there birthday, and the number of skanks that dress in hollister and abercrombie, calling themselves preps are around every corner. pretty much everyone here has a myspace, even the 5th graders that like to cuss and get old boyfriends. the crime rate is pretty low but i'm sure that rape is as common as breathing here.

there is even a couple rednecks, all grouped together in a huge trailer park across the street from the only business park in the city.

so this town is really nothing at all, just a little bit of everything, discluding class and real people.
-forsyth county jail-
two guys in a cell:
Bobbie: so, where you from?
Joe: Kernersville, you?
Bobbie: same. what they get you for?
Joe: oh, I just raped the slut of 6th grade. what about you?
Bobbie: same! that beaner girl, yeah she was easy.
by peaceloverawr021 July 01, 2009

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