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2 definitions by peacefulpothead

When a person is smokin weed, drinking, or doin something else that involves sharing just sits there and continues to take multiple hits, drinks.. etc. without passing it to the next person in rotation.

this action will get you inevitably punched.
Babysitter: *puff puff*.. hey man did you see that chick?..*puff puff*..yea man she was hot.. *puff puff*
Friend: dude what the fuck! quit baby sitting that shit!
*punches leg*
Babysitter: gahh what the hell i wasnt! that was my first hit!
Friend: yea whatever just pass that shit your fuckin up rotation!
by peacefulpothead March 22, 2008
A joint of any size.
term generally used in the 60's and 70's by hippies.
Example 1
Hippie 1: yoo..man.. hey.. you got a hooter on you?
Hippie 2: uhh. yeaa man.. uhheh..you got a light..?
Hippie 1: hell yea mann..
Hippie 2: fire her up dude..
Hipie 1: alrightt..mann.. groovy.
Example 2
Stoner 1: hey dude you gotta hooter?
Stoner 2: go get your own you freakin moocher.
by peacefulpothead March 21, 2008