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Chicken-What-The-Fuck or Chicken WTF is chicken that's been hastily prepared without a specific recipe, but turns out to be remarkably tasty, surprising both the cook and his/her guest diners.
Chicken-What-The-Fuck will mosy likely be used as an answer to a question such as:

1.Q. "What's for Dinner?",A. "Chicken-What-The-Fuck or Chicken WTF..."

2.Q. "What the Hell was that?(we just ate) ", A. "Chicken-What-The-Fuck or Chicken WTF! "

3.Q. "What do you call your dish? ", A. "Chicken WTF" or "Chicken-What-The-Fuck"
by peaceful009 April 02, 2009
A long pornographic video viewing session with many breaks for masturbation and snacks...
I've just gotten the latest 4 hour long DVD's for my Day Off Hoochfilmfest....
by peaceful009 April 01, 2009

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