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a pretty cool Band actually worthy to be called rock.. kinda weird since they were recently formed in the 2000's.
well, they are one of very few.

good vocals and they have a keyboard player!!.. thats just awesome. cool bass lines and a jammin guitarist

give them a look up. i have both of their ablums.

me- "dude who is this on the radio?"

jim- "oh thats Jet man, they're pretty cool man"

me- "yea man where have i been.. when did this ablum come out?"

jim- "in '03 man.. its their first one"

me- "for real man?... cool."
by peacefrog May 31, 2007
Foghat is a great example of GOOD MUSIC.

Eventhough most of their musical sucess was in the 70's they still rock!! So GO check out their music man

Some cool songs by Foghat are:
"A Hole To Hide In", "I Just Wanna Make Love To You", "Leavin Again", "Fool For The City", "Slow Ride", "Mississippi Queen", "Stone Blue", "Wild Cherry"...
me- "dude this song is awesome.."

young grasshopper- "OMG this dosent sound the no talent pussys that call themselfs a rock band that i USUALLY listen to!"

me- "i know.. i know.. Here just take this Foghat cd and a couple Zeppelin ablums and you'll be ok man.
by peacefrog May 31, 2007
1) a cool song by led zeppelin. idiots would normally say: "OMG THIS SONG IS ALMOST AS GOOD AS STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN!" well, i have 8 ablums full of great zeppelin songs and can eaisly name 20 without mentioning stairway.

2) an awesome movie about the last day of skool in 1976. the movie was filmed in austin texas.

dazed and confused (the movie) is awesome! go buy it now!!!!

dazed and confused (the song) is awesome! go buy zeppelin 1 now!!!!
by peacefrog June 01, 2007

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