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1 definition by peace4kitty20

To hold connection with and honor a significant other, while allowing both the individual freedom of choice to to live and love without limitations.
Q:" Are you and Michael still together?"
A: "Yes! We have an open relationship now."

Q:"Are you seeing other people?"

A: "Not at the moment. "

Q:"How do you know he isn't going to "
A: "I dont know what the future holds. I trust him and trust that we will discuss our feelings for other people. "

Q:"You're ok with that Kitty? Really ok? It sounds tricky"
A: "Yes! It may be challenging at times but even more so, it's rewarding. We support each other and are able to communicate through anything."

Q: "Why"
A: "I love Michael and want for him to experience all of what life has to offer"
by peace4kitty20 March 17, 2012