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A beautiful country in the heart of Asia. It has long history of over 5000 years. (short history at http://www.lonelyplanet.com). The location of Afghanistan spanning the land routes between the Indian subcontinent, Iran, and central Asia has attracted conquerors throughout history. Its high mountains helped the afghans to defend the country successfully against invaders, though. Afghan territory were vast during different afghan empires, for example during the Sultan Mahmoud Ghaznawi Empire in 11th century or during the Durrani Empire in 18th century which extended from Arabian Sea to Persia and India. Afghanistan has fought three wars against Britain which were in control of India. The 1st Anglo-Afghan War took place in 1839-42, the second one in 1878-80 and the final one in 1919. All three times British forces suffered crushing defeats and great casualty. Afghanistan also lost vast parts, for example, Pashtunistan and Baluchistan were cut off by Britain who wanted to use them as a buffer zone for a 100 years (already expired) but they were never given back instead Britain created another country from these two parts and another two parts cut off from India and called it Pakistan.
In 1978 the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan which were defeated. It left Afghanistan after great distraction and loss of lives. There were two millions Afghans killed and as many disabled. The infrastructure were at ruins. Afterward a civil war raged for 10 more years Afghanistan were forgotten, it was of no use for the West. Meanwhile, the two neighbouring countries of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan, armed and supported different warring factions who fought over power and destroyed the remaining. There was yet to come another disaster: The Taleban. Armed, trained and supported by Pakistani Intelligence. Their rule lasted 5 years and were overthrown by American and Afghan Forces. An interim government headed by Mr. Karzai took charge. Subsequently, there was a democratic election and Mr. Karzai was elected as the president. Since then Afghanistan has made a lot of progress in every field.
Afghanistan is a country that is really interested in peace and progress but circumstances and the interference of its neighbouring countries who are very keen to have a weak and unstable country by their sides (because of territorial, ethnic, religious etc. interests) never gave Afghanistan the chance to become prosperous.
Afghanistan is a truly beautiful country with breathtaking sceneries: high and snow covered mountains, deep canyons, nice grasslands, a lot of historical sites, delicious food, mellow fruits, warm-hearted and courageous peopleā€¦ (http://www.afghana.com/Photographs/Photos.htm nice sceneries from Afghanistan).
I think it is very unfair to forget all the sacrifices that Afghans have given in war against the Communism in the 80`s. Afghanistan deserves a greater respect. This beautiful country in the heart of Asia!
1.Afghanistan is a mountainous country.
2.Many ancient cities like Balkh, Ghazni, Herat, Ghor were the center of civilizations, trade and culture.
by peace 1 May 23, 2005

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