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An educational soap opera made by some guys at the University of Illinois-Champagna. The purpose of Destinos is to immerse lowere level college and mid level high school Spanish students in the language. Its format is based on the Spanish "telenovela" soap formula, different from the U.S. and others because there is actually a plot, hmm, what a novel idea!
Destinos is dumb, don't watch them if your life depends on it.
by pdzeller March 11, 2005
Absinth is a liqour that ranges in alcohol levels from 120 to 160 proof. Eastern European absinth contains a hallucinogen, Wormwood that really fucks you up. contrary to popular believe, absinth is not always green, like it is in EuroTrip. Absinth comes in blue, red and most popular green (a.k.a Green Fairy). In the Czech Republic, one can buy a 1 liter bottle of absinth in the grocery store for 230 Czech Korunas (crowns) or about $10 USD. Don't try to drink it alone, anyone who has knows that it has the taste and consistency of Shampoo. Dipping a spoon in absinth and then the spoon in sugar helps on down it more effectively.
Absinth gets scotty hammered in EuroTrip.
by pdzeller March 27, 2005

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