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A band hailing from Albuquerque New Mexico, USA. Their music is very unique and combines crunk-type hip-hop vocals with screamo and electronica beats. Brokencyde is composed of four members and a mascot. The members are Se7en, who is the primary rapper and screamer, Mikl, who is the first hype man and occasinally adds latin and robotic sounds to the beats, Phat J, who is the back-up rapper and screamer, Phat J also works the synthesizers, and makes sure all of Brokencyde's beats are fresh, Antz, who is the second hype man, and controls the fog machine and lights during live shows, and Bree, the pig mascot of Brokencyde.
And you say BREE BREE, and you say BREE BREE, bitch you know I'm impressive.

Brokencyde is an amazing group.
by pdubb777 July 25, 2008

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