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Ricky Gervais's description of a sperm-filled panda bear. Could be used to describe... republicans? NASCAR fans?

"Like a wobbly spunk bomb... she's gonna fucking blow!"
by pdad77 May 16, 2008
A word that is only used on Fox News. The effects of the word "homicide" versus "suicide" in this case help to allign anti-western/Israeli sentiments in Iraq and Israel with those of "Al-Qaeda." They take the criminals and the disinfranchised and those who's families have been ripped apart by the war and lump them together with an easily identifiable threat... Al Qaeda. It's why this war can't be won with bombs or bullets. It's why the tides are turning against the US. It's why the world needs a UN with the authority AND the power to hold even the most powerful countries accountable for their mistakes.
Using the word "homicide bomber" is a clever way to shore up support for the war in Iraq.
by pdad77 March 05, 2006

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