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All possible shades Black people can appear in, from Colin Powell to Wesley Snipes.
The Huxtables were a chocolate rainbow.
#african-american #black #negro #complexion #race #cosby show #passing #colored
by PBMax October 26, 2006
A compliment couched in the form or tone of an insult. Often used by people who *want* to be nice, but fear being seen as weak or disingenuous, but can be unintentional.
When Maurice told Mary she was "the least photogenic pretty chick" he'd ever seen, he meant that pictures didn't do her beauty justice, but it came off as a backhanded insult.
#front #perpetrate #rejection #but i mean that in a good way #janus
by PBMax February 24, 2008
The likelihood of an individual to adore/follow otherwise-peers.

Groupie tendencies need not involve any sexual desire. In fact, those with extreme groupie tendencies ask nothing of their (usually reluctant) paradours save acceptance of an unequal relationship. Such cases — while sometimes able to acknowledge the pathetic aspects of their attitude — feel a righteous indignation about their actions.
Even though he was an able leader in school, Kobe's groupie tendencies arose around his cousins at home.
#rdf #fandom #drink the kool-aid #follower #apotheosize #obsequious
by PBMax March 09, 2008
Disliking a meme because of other people liking it. This may be due to the quantity of others passing the idea along, or because the undesirable nature of the communities receiving it. A combination of "meme" and "elitist."
Sikander's memelitism kept him from reading danah boyd's blog once it was referenced in 'Newsweek.'
#veblen #hipster #portmanteau #memelitist #subvertising
by PBMax October 30, 2007
A mood where you feel like sighing all the time. Usually the "infected" are unhappy, but may also be wistful or any other emotion which produces sighs. Not to be confused with clinical depression, which is more persistent but not necessarily more intense.

May also be called "sighnessitis."
Rubi contracts a sighness infection every time she thinks about how her sister Reema got into Harvard but she didn't.
#sinus infection #anosmia #puppy love #whiny #pliny the elder
by PBMax February 24, 2008
Someone you like but don't like-like. A pun on paramour and adore. Rarely reciprocal, because what really is in this crazy, mixed-up world?
After she broke up with him, Guillermo couldn't help but become Leah's paradour, but she had hurt him too much for them to ever get back together.
#love #lurve #paradours #parador #paradore #advocate #groupie tendencies
by PBMax March 09, 2008
Siblings born in the same year to different mothers.

A pun on Irish twins, Black Irish, and the multigenerational deterioration of African-American families.

NB: You don't have to be Black to have a Black Irish Twin.
The other eighth graders thought Dion and Errol were kidding about being "brothers from another mother," but they mean it literally since they were Black Irish Twins.
#baby mama drama #willard mitt romney #shawn travis kemp #william julius wilson #daniel patrick moynihan #alexander rae baldwin
by PBMax February 23, 2008
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