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An adjective indicating that the subject in question are deemed as of or related to douche culture and/or douchebags. Individuals perceived to be a part of the d scene are "d sceners".
Man I went to Club Aura last night. What a d scene.
by pba24899 February 08, 2009
A condition known to exhibit symptoms related to the behaviors of being a douchebag. Examples of such symptoms include: wearing affliction/ed hardy/tapout/v-neck shirts, spray-on tans, steroid use, making "kissy" lips when taking pictures with women, etc.
Man look at that guy, you can totally tell he has douchearrhea.
by pba24899 July 13, 2009
Mad Brains is a synonym for the incidence of receiving a very good blow job.
Man, that girl gave me mad brains last night.
by pba24899 February 20, 2010

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