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11 definitions by pb

1. A young noob

2. People that are more immature than the average noobs.

3. An extreme noob
Only a nooblet like you could've done that!
by PB March 07, 2005
Yugi is japanese for game and the oh! stands for royalty. It is basically the king of card games.
Yu gi oh!
by pb May 23, 2004
A less common Chinese last name meaning gratitude and thanks.

Proper pronunciation: "Si'yeh"

This is the Mandarin spelling, Cantonese-speaking Chinese with the same last name is spelled "Tse"
"Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Hsieh and the rest of the Hsieh family for this wonderful Lunar New Year party"
by pb August 23, 2007
Fat Vietnamese guy
man that girls interested in a Sang Pham, i cant believe her, shes crazy,yes u D, your crazy.
by PB December 13, 2003
getting fucked
a guy tapped my ass, you should've been there
by PB December 13, 2003
Big Pooper Guy. Every office building has one. You know ... the big fat guy down the hall who spends an hour in the bathroom and leaves it smelling like he ate a truck load of road kill for lunch.
Hell, gotta use the 1st floor bathroom, BPG was in here again. Gag!
by PB September 02, 2004
1. Leader of the booze heads.
2. One who has incredible knowledge of alcoholic beverages.
3. One who has incredible tolerance for alcohol.
Man, PB is one alpha booze head!
by pb October 31, 2007