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1.Word used when you can't think of a word you are trying to say.
2.Word that means anything imaginable

I need to go and... oh kornavolius.
I wanted a kornavolius toy.
by paulywally May 01, 2007
Plural form of the word queevisis.

See (queevisis)

Look at those queevisises in the dirt.
by paulywally May 01, 2007
A word that can substitute for any word, but can only be used once in a sentence.
I have a queevisis disease.
That queevisis head is getting on my neves.
by paulywally May 01, 2007
The term for a mad dope, trials style bike trick.

Also referred to by someone who is extra talented at doing bike tricks for a sick pinkbike edit . Inspired by Danny Macaskill.
That dude just macaskilled the fuck out of that picnic table!
by Paulywally March 30, 2015

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