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A skunt pumpkin is a type of skunt. this type of skunt is known for being overweight and using tanning beds way to much giving them that ugly orange "tan" that they become obsessed with. If your still confused as to what it is, just look at Snooki form "Jersey Shore"
snooki from "Jersey Shore" is the definition of a Skunt Pumpkin.
by paulsgay January 26, 2011
the fear of poor people. most rich snobs have some sort of poorphobic disorder.
hobo: "spare some change?"

rich snob: "ohh my get away form me you filthy hobo"

hobo: *not another asshole with poorphobia"
by paulsgay January 25, 2011
the act of inserting a wine spritzer into ones asshole and shaking it up so the carbonation creates a tingling sensation.
why the fuck did you pay for a spritzner from that whore?
by paulsgay January 25, 2011
the act of getting a handjob from a scalywag also known as a whore or a tramp.
dude i got a scalywank form your slutty ass mom last night!
by paulsgay January 25, 2011

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