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Son of lee, a complete and utter asshole by nature. His foolish tactics, good fortune, and ass presenting ways can sometimes seem odd to many. One can spot a Mykel by witmessing his outrageous "outside face"(and many other facial contorsions that contain super-human qualities), his uncanny behavior in public, or at a neighborhood sporting event where he is the indivdual sitting in the middle of the field not playing because "it's getting annoying". Although his life acheivments may be doubted and unappreciated by many, Mykel has still managed to acheive great status during his lifetime. He has now won the mega millions lottery 582 times,single handedly seized several countries, started both World Wars, battled steigz in a steel cage match(and won), touched the sun, turned p-stress into a brilliant orator, and using solely objects located in his house has created all the nuclear weaponary the U.S. now has. At this moment he is now running in the election that will determine the new ruler of the universe and recent polls have shown him up 78% to his competetitors 22%. His competetitor, of course, being God.
I was recently attacked by a Mykel. It was weird, he had no pants on and kept making this ridiculous face that made me feel very uncomfortable.


Why won't anyone go up to that tree and take a shit from it. Oh nevermind I'll just call Mykel and he'll do it.


People that rip their underwear during sexual activity can be classified as a Mykel.


person:"Thats weird I was literally the only one that applied for that scholarship yet i didn't get it."
other person:"Yeah well they just decided to give it to Mykel."
by pauljoegrandpa April 20, 2006

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