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2 definitions by paul mckenna

when a man gets extremely aroused by a female, usually one with dirty great beef curtains, who likes to be alabhama hotpocketed.
"daves mum gives me the horn, her tangy twat makes me soo hott"

by paul mckenna March 11, 2008
33 22
a certain special someone, who likes to be heavily petted by strangers met at bus stops, cafe's, macdonalds... just general and random meeting places. Often female juppet's will flash their nipples to police officers and other authorotive figuires within their local community, this act is often greeted with a crimewatch appeal and formal investigation.
dude, i saw linda on the bus last night, totally giving a sly footjob to johnny wellyman, i watched her getting of and she got her tit out for the bus driver.
thats the third time this week, she's such a juppet.
by paul mckenna April 07, 2008
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