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A husband whose wife chooses to have lovers.
He and his spouse adored one another, but she chose to maintain independence and have lovers. He was a cuckold.
by Paul Kusinitz October 17, 2002
The uses of feces for sexual excitement.
She made her lover experience her ultimate fantasy: she evacuated her bowels upon him.
by Paul Kusinitz October 17, 2002
Brown showers refer to partners who defecate on one another. This may be done using enemas, some of which may consist of diluted wine or food.
Her lover laid benath her while she poured a brown shower upon him. This was the "4th rite." The ultimate baptism.
by Paul Kusinitz October 17, 2002
(Fr. Spanish: pillar, support) A woman who displays unswerving--and deserving--loyalty, support and affection within a romantic relationship.
Although a few people considered Pablo somewhat quixotic, his ladyfriend Linda was sharp enough to believe in him with all her heart. She was a real pilar and reaped the riches.
by Paul Kusinitz January 24, 2003
A vulva which drips semen from immediately previous lovemaking.
After making love, the lady opened her legs to expose her vulva which was spilling with semen.
by Paul Kusinitz October 17, 2002
A husband who has no objection to his wife making love to other men.
When his wife told him she had just made love to his best friend, her husband, being a wittol, wished her happiness, and his wife displayed appropriate affectionate contempt for her husband.
by Paul Kusinitz October 17, 2002
in select company, especially in the circle of the influential and powerful
He was not able to get critical information regarding corporate decisions because he was not in the loop.
by Paul Kusinitz January 23, 2003
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