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The propaganda machine of the fourth reich. They do anything they can to make the british people look like pussies, even though most of the people who own holliwood are jewish, and fail to relise that we the british helped save their arses in world war two.
hollywood need a good arse kickin, they need a good old beating from old glory.

jimmy: hey
yank: do british people have bad teeth and gay?
jimmy: you've been watching to much hollywood
yank: you know we yanks droped the bouncing bomb on the damns
jimmy: youve been watching too much hollywood,
yank: english people are gay and have gay accents
jimmy: only upperclass people are like that, youve been watching too much hollywood,
by paul hinton April 30, 2006
a county, staffordshire, yorkshire, lincolnshire, its also the name of a big work pony, called the shyre oss or shire horse or just shire pony, counties in the former english colonies are also called shires
I'm from a small village in the south stafford"shire" coal feilds,
by paul hinton December 09, 2005

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