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when something is yours, or a pit or a colliery for mining coal n gold n iron n stuff out the ground, they call miners or anyone from a mining village "the pitmen",
jimmy: aye up ol pal, that mine, keep yer'ands off it!!
john the theif: it warr me

jimmy: I wish they'd reopen the mines, then everybody would have a job
johnny: arr I know, lorrove unemployment since they shut em!!
by paul hinton December 09, 2005
some pussy yankee joke that aye even funny, and they too coward to say yo dada, cause they know you beat the shit out of em if they did.
yo mama,
yes i'm his mom your takin about and I'll beat the shit out you.
by paul hinton May 15, 2006
when your sailin down a canal!!!
oh look marys boats on the cut
by paul hinton December 09, 2005
a big company that gave whitney huston' a lift with that vibes sound
ahh hear that yamaha dx sound,
yeah I know, its awesome
by paul hinton May 01, 2006
a mountain of coal,
when we was kids we used to play up the slacks!!!
by paul hinton December 09, 2005
the face you pull when you cry and moan as you play the blues, it could just be the pain of ripping your fingers open as you play with so much passion, its just a natural instinct to the feelin,
guitar face eye!
hey look at stevie rays grin!!!!
by paul hinton December 09, 2005
all hot n bothered, like being in side the big chimeys of stoke on trent, how it was in the old days you know staffordshire pottery, theres some aweful pictures of the chimneys taken by william blake, it looks like hell its self. its an old english saying probably last used by black country folk before it died out, its still a popular saying in australia. in staffordshire today they use the word "yampy" more, because now the words been branded into australian culture as an australian word
why a yo all runnin around hot headed
yeah, well "i'm totally stoked"
by paul hinton April 24, 2006

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