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1. An oversized clitoris "clit". Noticable from cunnilings.
1. Dude, Jamie had a monster clit man.
by Pattyblades July 30, 2006
Thinking a woman has an ugly face based on voice or body only to find she is smokin'.
That new bitch has anIcantbelieveitsnotbutterface.
by Pattyblades August 10, 2006
Term used by the homeless Philedelphian Willey James Huff in conjuction with rackem rack. The meaning is unknown but is still hilarious and can be seen in a collection of videos on YouTube.com.
Racke' rack, rackem' rack, RACKBAR!
by Pattyblades November 14, 2006
Marijuna. Trees = arbor = pot
Man 1: I heard your looking to buy?
Man 2: Yeah I need a dub of arbor.
Man 1: Word.
by pattyblades April 04, 2008

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