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Those wisps of hair that poke out of a womens panties or bathing suit bottom.
Sheila: Did you see Rita's camel hair.

Rebecca: I sure did. She really could use a trim down there.
by patsguy March 15, 2011
The situation that a guy finds himself in during anal sex where the girl farts with such force that it forces his dick out of her hole. In extreme cases this will result in the need for an immediate shower.
Stan: Well, I finally got Wilma to let me fuck her up the ass.

Mitch: How was it?

Stan: It was great until we had an untimely blowout, and boy was it messy.
by patsguy June 06, 2011
The bruising a dick gets when you screw a very skinny girl.
Jeff: Hey Mike, I finally screwed Heather last night.

Mike: Was it good or what?

Jeff: Not really. She's so skinny I got a boner hematoma.
by patsguy May 20, 2011

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