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A mythical creature derived from sea dwelling sailors to explain disturbances in the night on land.

A possible link of the words land and ruse can explain the presence of this word formation.

The portrayed creature is thought to have similar resemblance to a Lepercon but have powers far exceeding

that of the ladder.
Erik, did you hear that landru?

Watch out tonight or that landru will take your soul.
by patrushio September 08, 2009
Similar to the slang term Poonani meaning vagina in a more general sense but refers specifically to more than one poonani in one location or home at a given time. Usually to coin the given term there must be a minimum of three woman in a dwelling to call a location a Poon farm. All woman must have extended residence and in some cases be lesbians.
Melissa lives in a poon farm.
Hey Allen, did you go over to that poon farm last night?
My dog shadow was barking at the neighbors its a poon farm.
by patrushio September 08, 2009
A verb meaning approximately the same thing as the slang form of suck in the she form.

The term is commonly used in the midwest latino communites to note a distaste for a specific person, commonly a female.
-Jokela tool 10 o`clock

that girl is a Jokela hard and fast.
by patrushio September 04, 2009

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