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2 definitions by patrick_is_so_amazing

1. Someone who has ruined thier chances in life and has caused most of their own problems.
2. Sometimes used in heated discussion as a substitute for "shutup".
1. Jon is a fuckup
2. Fuckup jon! You're starting to annoy me!
by patrick_is_so_amazing May 02, 2008
39 21
1. Body part.
2. Added to the end of an insult for originality (similar to adding "mangy" to the beginning of an insult)
1. She has a fit body but a ugly face.
2. Fuckface, fagface, shitface, dickface, cuntface, whoreface, mangyfuckface, mangydickface, mangywhoreface etc.
by patrick_is_so_amazing May 02, 2008
2 1