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1 definition by pat.riot

(v.i.) to reawaken one's mojo. Remojification can have both internal and external causes. Where "mojo" can mean self-confidence, self-esteem and/or self-efficacy, remojification can mean restoration and/or increase of any or all of these things. Renewed sexual vitality may inform remojification, but it is not the sum total thereof.
A: I am a poor, pathetic wretch. I cannot succeed at work; I have no money; there are no women who think I'm attractive; I consistently fail to befriend children, the elderly and animals; and, I never say anything remotely clever. I will be lucky if I can spend my life in utter mediocrity without causing anyone else too much harm.

B: Man, it's time for you to remojify! I mean you are just going to *have* to get that mojo back, because it's the only thing that's gonna save you, and without it, you're surely lost! Remember, there has to be *some* reason why you're special! Be a spirit, not a ghost! I'm not talking that Stuart Smalley mumbo-jumbo, either! I'm talking about remembering who you really are! Don't let the bastards grind you down! The movement you need is on your shoulder! Just dig deep, my friend. Know that I am here for you. I believe in you! I know you can do better! Mark my words: YOU WILL REMOJIFY!
by pat.riot August 13, 2010
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